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Boobies and Bras

So ladies, how many of you can’t wait to get your bra off at the end of the day? It’s like an unwritten rule that it’s whipped off as soon as possible, am I right or am I right?! There’s no better feeling than boobie freedom time after a long day of having them scooped up in whatever fabric of your choice. Hands up those of you who then proceed to run down the stairs while having to hold your boobs because the bounce is just too much for your poor boobies to handle.

Now, no good fitness blog, especially a woman’s, should be without a post covering the topic of sports bras. Just google sports bras you will find there is a huge number of different sites and brands available. Back in the good old days, or the not so very old days, to be honest, you were very limited in styles, colours and sizing. Thankfully, for us ladies, there are now many varieties to choose from. Still none quite as pretty and delicate as that lacy number you may own but most definitely a lot nicer than the previous options.

Why does a good sports bra matter? Well, I do not think I need to spell this one out. But just in case, saggy boobs, now none of us want that. There is also a chance of upper back pain, shoulder pain and breast pain, fair enough painkillers may help with that, but 2 paracetamol ain’t going lift them, bad boys, back to where they should be. The sciencey bit now, boobs are composed mainly of fatty tissue and supported by the skin and fragile ligaments called Coopers’ ligaments. Unfortunately once these ligaments have stretched there’s no turning back. Running with no bra, for an average woman, can mean a good 8.5cm movement up and down of the boobs, wearing a sports bra can reduce this by at least 50%. In my opinion, it’s a no brainer, look after the bazookas and they’ll thank you for it for years to come.

Choosing a bra Some of this will depend on personal preference, front fastening, zip, hooks, padded, unpadded etc etc. The main thing here is you get both the right size and the right impact level. For example, a bra designed for yoga would be a low impact one, now that’s not going to be any help what so ever if you are in the middle of a HIIT session, or your running etc. Sports bras are expensive, but they really are a must, which is why I personally always go for the ones designed for high impact. It doesn’t matter if I’m only lifting weights during a session but then decide to throw in some cardio because I know that I’m well supported regardless of my activity and I don’t have to pay out numerous amounts of ££s to have different impact levels just for the sake of it.

Most sports bras are designed to absorb the sweat, underboob sweat is just so sexy, so at least we can minimise that damp patch and not look like we’ve just accidentally spilt half a litre of water down our cleavage. And for those that way inclined, they can be great for storing your padlock key in if you’ve no pocket.

One downside to the higher impact bras, especially for the larger busted of us, is that you can rarely purchase them with padding. And on that note gyms are usually air conditioned, you know what that means, ‘why hello there nipples’, well until you’ve at least warmed up that is. One word of advice ladies, before you leave the changing rooms, adjust them boobies in your sports bra so that both nipples are relatively symmetrical, you don’t want to suddenly start cooling down and find you’ve got one pointing towards your left armpit and the other searching for your belly button. Enjoy your boobies ladies and until next time my lovelies

Charlotte x


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